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04 April, 2009

The Beginning

Well, every journey needs a beginning, and I guess this is mine. I'm Cassandra, aka Darkened_Jade, and I am on a quest to become the best fantasy writer that I can be. Somewhere in the future, there is a plan that I might become a published writer, and I work toward that end, however in the meantime, I'm learning everything I can about writing and creating the best work that I can. I'm also getting very good at pretending I don't care about rejection, which might just be a handy life skill, somewhere down the line.

When I say this is my journey's beginning I am, strictly speaking, talking about the documentation of the journey. This is the blogs beginning. I began writing, seriously, nearly ten years ago, way back in high school. It feels incredible that such a short time has past as it seems everything has changed for me, and yet everything is still the same. One of those situations where I'm sitting still and yet being propelled forward faster than I can ever possibly believe.

At the moment I am acutely aware of my writing journey. I have a collection of short stories, the best of the many, posted on webook (see: http://www.webook.com/project/Progression ) and up for vote come Monday, that really demonstrate the change in my writing. Last year I finally completed work on my first novel, and after some rejection, reopened work on it but am still hopeful. I've also completed the first draft on my second novel and have solid plans to keep on writing. Ideas are plentiful, time is not.

As stated, I am a fantasy writer (with a little bit of science fiction thrown in for fun). I deal strongly with characters who are a little askew from the normal and trying to make sense of impossible situations. I am also very much into creating a diverse range of female characters as I feel women have been dealt with quite unfavourably within the fantasy genre, with a few exceptions.

I'll be blogging twice a week, and documenting the journey that I am on, and hopefully, some of you will come with me and offer your advice and encouragement.

Words shape thoughts and send them forth unto the world. Let them be received with open minds and open hearts.

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  1. Hi!

    It seems we're on parallel journeys, and perhaps even have similar approaches to the genre. I write stories that flow from unusual characters, and have a penchant for interesting female protagonists. I'm looking at it as a process - improving as a writer, working continually, and mastering a kind of zen-like patience about breaking into print.

    I look forward to future postings.

    All the best,
    Tom L Waters