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19 April, 2009

The Journey 2

Two weeks of the blog and I have had a wonderful time. I'm going to wrap up the main events of this week quite quickly.

1. Received three new rejection letters from various agents (at least they read my query).

2. Progression has been up for vote on webook all week and is still getting some very favourable responses. There are two days left on the vote and I am very interested to see where I come in the end.

3. I have continued to edit my draft of Lost in Ladulce, and have become very disenchanted with a couple of characters and am now planning a rewrite.

4. In case I end up self-publishing (a decision I haven't made yet) I have been formatting my collection of short stories into an appropriate format. I think it is looking very good.

5. Two ideas are currently competing in my head for next extended writing project. Both are teen lit dealing with the supernatural, but I am writing loose outlines for both. Only time will tell which way I go.

6. Finally, I have become completely addicted to twitter and am endlessly amazed at the amount of information available for writers, and the amount of support offered for new writers.

As always you can check out my work on webook, comment here, email me, or message me on twitter. I like to make things easy for people.

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