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22 April, 2009

Progression on top: Webook vote finished

Finally the Webook vote has finished and they have announced those projects that made it into the top ten percent. Obviously I was thrilled when I found out that Progression, my collection of fantasy flash fiction was in the top ten percent.

Having read through the comments again, most are of the "wow, this is great" variety, which isn't overly informative but nice. As a writer you don't get much immediate feedback, particularly of the positive kind. Usually you get form letters telling you your writing doesn't meet the present needs of the agent/publisher. So it felt really, really good to have a lot of very positive comments. I also had a couple of negative comments from people, which I will need to consider in the near future.

For those who haven't read the collection (you can click the link above) it is a collection of around forty very short, short stories. They are very short because they are designed for teens to read (most teens not wanting to read something if it goes for more than two pages). They are works of fantasy that are meant to get the reader thinking and wondering, not wrap things up with a nice little moral. The order of the works is quite deliberate, with some works making you smile, others making you heart-sick, and every emotion in between explored.

Ultimately, this is really great news. I made it into the top ten percent during the last vote, with my novel "Death's Daughter", which needed some work and wasn't selected for publication. I have made it into the top ten percent again. My work is getting out there and being read. Now I just need to get it polished enough to get published.

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