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27 May, 2009

Jeffrey Harris - On The Steps

If you visit Jeffrey Harris on Bldg98 you will find that he is a male, aged 51, from Texas who likes playing golf and reading John Grisham novels. I recently made Jeffrey's acquaintance through the site and have learned that he has recently published his book "On The Steps".

"On The Steps" is a romance, and Jeffrey recently sent me a copy of the blurb to share with you.

Thirty-nine-year-old Michael Albright is devastated when breast cancer takes the love of his life. Twenty-one-year-old Brittany Chambers has her dreams shattered by a terrible act of betrayal. Although they are separated by eighteen years and fifteen hundred miles, these two strangers find one another on the internet and begin an astounding journey of healing together. Through the darkness of their confusion and despair, they reach out to one another as they try to find themselves. In the process, they will find a surprising, uplifting love that keeps bringing them back to the University of Virginia Rotunda…

Visiting the home page for the book, you can read the first chapter. Read it and try not to cry. Definitely a promising start to the story.

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