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26 May, 2009

My 5 Snacks For Writing

As is clear from the last post, I've just finished the first draft of an MS I've been laboriously working on for some time. This has left me a little lethargic in the writing department, to the point where I am playing with colours on my new Tumblr account rather than clearly thinking about what to write in my blog.

Probably why I decided to stick with a very simple list today. Now, I have had this conversation with many writers, both in person and on forums and what I have discovered from this, is that writers are insane when it comes to what we will put in our mouths. More insane than that, is that we justify it by saying it helps the creative process.

My top five snacks when in the middle of a writing blitz are (imagine a drum roll sound here):

  1. Icing sugar and cocoa mixed (usually eaten dry, though a tiny drop or two of milk can make this into a really interesting paste - it is slightly easier to eat this way as it doesn't blow away if you exhale while lifting the spoon). I really don't have a justification for this combination other than it is pure sugar that tastes like chocolate and it has almost zero preparation time.
  2. Fresh rocket leaves with honey (as close to a salad as I am probably going to get). This has two benefits for me. Firstly, it is actually reasonably healthy. Secondly, it is really, really sweet and again, no preparation time.
  3. Tim tams and hot chocolate. I've recently learned that there are many people around who do not know the most fabulous food ever. Tim tams (chocolate cream, sandwiched in chocolate biscuit, coated in chocolate) used as a straw for hot chocolate. Essentially you bite two diagonal corners off, place one in the drink, and suck through the other. Do it fast, or the biscuit dissolves into the drink, but if you get it right, it is so amazing.
  4. Hot chips. As much as I get into sugar when I am writing, I love starch and grease. A quick trip to the corner shop for some hot chips is an amazingly good pick-me-up for writing, and it gets me moving and away from the computer screen for ten minutes or so.
  5. Sushi. Okay, has nothing to do with writing. I just love sushi and would eat it anytime, anywhere as long as there was lots of soy sauce to go with.
What all of these have in common are ease and flavour. They allow me to take very short breaks and then get on with the writing task, revived and energised.

Tell me your five top writing snacks (or even one).


  1. Lately, when I just have to have something while I'm at my laptop, I go for:
    1. Cheese Puffs
    2. Citrus Sherbet Ice Cream
    3. Snyder's Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks
    4. Root beer float
    5. Kashi Go Lean cereal

    My favorite time to eat is the worst time, in the evening, between 8 and 10:00.

  2. Craisins, coffee, and chocolate! The 3 C's! Although craisins are the only ones I eat consistently *when* I'm writing.

  3. Great post! I have to admit I'm not sure what hot chips, tim tams, or rocket leaves are--they sound exotic but interesting!

    I usually go for some sugary junk. There's always sugared down coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and whatever candy I can find in the pantry.
    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Hot chips (trying to think of what they might be called elsewhere) - going with Maccas (McDonalds), french fries, only thicker, fattier and way nicer and with better seasoning.

    Tim Tams - best chocolate biscuit ever, a must try if you ever come to Australia.

    Rocket - leafy herb, kind of like lettuce only with a bit more bite. Very odd to eat with honey, that is definitely a me thing.

    By the way, Chocolate Chip Cookies sound diving right now, I could seriously go for some.