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23 May, 2009

Ten People To Meet On Twitter

Okay, when I was first told about twitter, I was very skeptical, as I was of most social networks. However, that was before I tried it out and fast became addicted to the site. Now, I wonder how I ever managed without it.

For those new to twitter, it can be an overwhelming experience. And before you have met anybody, knowing who you should follow, or even how to find people to follow, can be a real hit and miss experience. The easiest way I found was to visit people's blogs and if they had the button that said follow me on twitter, click that. That way, I knew who I was following and that they had something to say. Then, of course, people started replying to some of my tweets and I would go to their profile and see what they were up to. I ended up following many of them and now I seem to add someone new to my follow list everyday.

For the most part, I follow people who are writers, editors or agents - and then some randoms who just happen to entertain me. I love the advice and ideas that get spread about on twitter and the energy that seems to fill the site.

With that in mind, I would like to share my list of ten people who are delightfully entertaining or delightfully informative, or both, in no particular order.

1. Joanna Penn - Blog: The Creative Penn. Joanna not only promotes her own blog but provides links to some of the most interesting articles relating to writing and publishing in general.

2. Skyla Dawn - Website: Skyla Dawn Cameron. Skyla describes herself as an "Award-winning author, freelance artist, & snarky acquisitions editor." Her observations and comments are generally informative and amusing.

3. 1000th Monkey - who is always random and entertaining as his tweets range from movies to books to lost words and so.

4. Nathan Bransford -Blog: Nathan Bransfor Literary Agent. Mostly Nathan gives updates on when his blog is updated, but he is well worth following.

5. Tom L Waters - is a writer who shares his thoughts and progress with others.

6. Beth Miller - Seemingly eternally optimistic and some of her quotes can make you smile clear through the day.

7. Writing Hannah - perhaps the exact opposite of Beth Miller. She delivers some fascinating observations at times.

8. Blacklashed - an aspiring writer who is frequently there with words of encouragement for other writers.

9. Mittense - more into games then books, Mittense can be quite informative in amongst some of the more random comments.

10. Colleen Lindsay - literary agent. Responds well to questions by would-be writers and provides many interesting links to articles. Well worth following.

Okay, there are probably thousands of other people on twitter that I have never even heard of, who would be equally informative and entertaining, but this is my list for the time being.

Give me your recommendations on how you should follow in the Twitterverse.


  1. I appreciate your list. Unfortunately, I'm fairly new to blogging and even Facebook so I don't feel up to Twittering yet. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm following all of them now. Like you, I found the thought of Twitter pretty overwhelming in the beginning, but it's rapidly becoming my favorite social site.