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06 May, 2009

Writing Advice I Have Received

For a while now I have been reading everything I can about writing. Obviously there is more being written than I could ever possibly read but I have read quite a bit. I just want to quickly share five bits of advice I have read recently, in no particular order, that seemed to have some merit.

  • Don't worry about being the next big thing, worry about writing a good story. This I read less than two minutes ago on another blog and thought it was brilliant, unfortunately forgot which blog.
  • Social networking, Twitter and the like, can help authors or hinder them, depending on how they use it.
  • Inspiration takes seconds while writing is a long and time consuming labour (though very much worth it).
  • While some people will forgive grammatical errors in a good story, others will reach for the tar and feathers.
  • Writers everywhere rely way to heavily on caffeine. No wonder we're all just that little bit out there.
Keep writing and have fun.

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  1. I got a chuckle out of #5 - as I'm sitting here chugging down my Cafe Americano...

    And #3 is brilliant. I think it's a point a lot of us easily miss. Inspiration smacks us and we think we're brilliant. But inspiration isn't something we *do*; it's something that just happens. It's the hard work, the crafting, the molding of the raw inspiration into something worth reading that sets the pros apart from the wannabes. In the end, diligence is always worth more than brilliance.