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02 May, 2009

The Writing Journey This Week

At the moment time is flying. I would be absolutely lying if I said I had really done anything productive, writing wise, this week. That said, here are the highlights:

1. Still in Webook top ten percent and awaiting a decision there.

2. Received my manuscript back from yet another agent with a thanks but no thanks letter (I really should have kept all the letters right from the start so that I could construct a glory wall). More determined then ever to continue improving my craft and actually get a 'yes'.

3. Started reviewing on webook again, it has been awhile. I actually lost my top reviewer status (finally). At least I'm no longer getting random messages from people who write drama or poetry saying "please read my work" even though they never even glance at mine. At least I was reading this week.

4. As the post below says, I decided to start a second blog for the purpose of writing a serial. At least that is once a week that I have to write. Those who do follow me on Webook may have already read the first couple of weeks worth, but it has been severely changed and edited so it should be relatively new. Check out Thunder and Moonshadow.

And that is it from me this week in writing. I'm hoping things settle down around me so I can get back to some serious writing and editing, but every step forward is helpful.

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