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10 May, 2009

The Writing Journey This Week

Lots has happened this week in my writing world, though most of it can be caught up in the webook vote and the discussions surrounding the site. Leaving that until last, my journey this week has:

1. Seen me launch head first into a new writing project for submission in July. Initially I was not going to enter this particular round of submissions but I had that moment of pure inspiration and writing was unavoidable. Whether or not the project is completed and edited in time remains to be seen. It is a YA Fantasy novel set in Brisbane (the city remains unnamed but those familiar with the city will recognise it, should the project ever go public), though as it deals with aliens a lot of people will try to classify it as sci/fi. It isn't, it is definitely fantasy. I'm about half-way along the first draft and very much on track at the moment - watch me get derailed in coming weeks.

2. Received good news from a friend of mine who was given an honourable mention in a short story competition. It is always wonderful to see others succeeding, and having read his entry I am well aware that he deserved it. This is inspiring me to pick up my act and get my stories out there.

3. The Webook Vote. Well I did make it into the top ten percent with my collection of fantasy short stories. During the last voting cycle my YA novel made it into the top ten percent. The Webook community are reading and enjoying my writings (which is really great to know that anyone is reading my work from time to time). Unfortunately, yet again, my work was not selected for publication. I seem to be accepting that a great deal better than some of the others who have been turned down. It is a publishing business and I've been rejected from others before, I'm kind of taking it in stride and realising I will have to alter my angle of attack if I am going to move forward.

For those interested in the webook website and the current voting process, a discussion is taking place in the forums with suggestions for improving the next round. Some very entertaining, if not enlightening, points are being raised, as is the problem with allowing writers to assume they have any say in the publishing process. Check the link above to see what is going on and have your say.

For me, I have reached the top ten percent twice. I have an audience. Now I just need to prove to the publishers out there that I am worth taking a gamble on. I will continue on this journey until I succeed. I will not be discouraged. I hope the others who missed out in this round continue on as well.

And that is the writing journey this week. I have much to do and as usual, no where near enough time.

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  1. Should I call you Jade? I couldn't find your name. I would say don't worry about the publisher thing. I am hearing from a lot of new authors whose books came out during the last six month and their sales were not good. I know the economy is hurting them. Some had options for a second book and the publishers have passed to the second book due to the low sales. Others have had their books pulled. Imagine having your book out for only six month and it is already not-in-print. Another well published author's book only sold 2,500 hundred copies, when normally his books would sell over 20,000 in the same time frame. So maybe it is a good thing to not get a contract at this time.