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26 June, 2009

Best Of

I know the blog has only been going for just over two months, and normally I wouldn't run a best of. However, this is my last post for until July 10 (or then abouts). For regular readers - I hope your writing goes well in the next two weeks. For new readers, check out some of the posts below and I look forward to your comments when I return.

As always, email me if you have suggestions, comments, want to promote a book, are interested in writing a post, interested in being interviewed, etc, etc. I will get back to you very soon.

The 6 Chosen Posts:

1. Writer's Lag - You've finished the first draft, now you have to edit.

2. Write For Keeps - Don't throw away anything you've ever written. It may come in handy.

3. Reasons Why Writing an MS is Like Being in a Relationship - You know it is true.

4. My Writer's Tool Kit - Some of the invaluable tools to assist me in writing. Add yours to the list.

5. Interesting Blogs On Writing - Links to some fantastic posts about writing.

6. Continuity - The importance on consistency in story telling.

Wishing everyone a great two weeks and I will 'see' you all soon.

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