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05 June, 2009

Car Trouble

This is not a writing related post. This is me, having had a very long, very tiring day, and I think I just broke up with my car.

I have never been a car person, ever. I probably would never have tried to claim a great love of cars, or convince anybody that I know anything about them at all. However, after today, I have decided I really, really, really (add as many really's as you can here), dislike cars.

Today my vehicle of choice - that being the only one I could afford after finishing university and taking my first steps into the full-time working world - decided that changing gear was far too much effort and that twenty was the perfect speed to be stuck on while I was trying to merge into traffic doing about eighty (that would be kilometres per hour).

Now I am generally an understanding person, but my level of understanding wanes as I am trying to perform emergency manoeuvres (such as pulling my car to the non-existent shoulder of the road without freaking out). Admittedly, my understanding was gone entirely by the time the nice repair man came out, and the car was working perfectly. Frustrating and annoying.

My car, obviously as I am at home, managed to limp home, and got a swift kick in the tyre for its efforts - hurting my foot far more than the car - and finally I walked away, determined to not even look at it until tomorrow.

That is my day, I hope everyone else had a better day. I'm going to go make some hot chocolate and read.


  1. Hope all goes better soon! It drives me CRAZY when my car won't make the funny noise for the repairmen. It makes it look like I make things up (which, I guess, I do. But only in novel form.)

    We had to replace the transmission in my husband's car in May. Hope that doesn't end up being your problem. It was a $3000 repair....Ouch!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Yikes! It must've been scary with fast cars zooming by. I'm glad you made it home safely.
    I hope you're not on crutches due to the swift kick you gave to your tire. :)

  3. If a divorce isn't possible, I suggest you and the car need some couples therapy. I also think an extra dose of chocolate may be required.

  4. I'm sneaking back in here to ask you a favor. Would you please read my latest post "The Little House?" It's the first thing I've posted with a smidgen of intent behind it. What that intent is I'm unaware of at the time!!

    Once again I return to this: I don't know what I want and I won't be happy until I get it.

    Forgive me for asking here.