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18 June, 2009

Fiction Vs Reality

Of the two, I much prefer fiction. Mostly because in fiction you can be reasonably assured of getting an ending (whether it is happy or not depends on the genre and author really), and you can be reasonably assured of a basic underlying logic to the entire thing.

Reality, unfortunately is not like that.

Recently I was very harsh in my criticism of comedies where events just seem to randomly pile, one after the other, onto the heap in any old fashion. This doesn't suit my view on how a story ought to be told. However, it does kind of follow the natural order of events in the real world.

Maybe we could say there is some underlying logic to most of the things that happen. As in, if you speed, you will get a ticket, etc. However, sometimes things just happen. They are random and unpredictable (though random kind of has to be unpredictable) and they don't really connect logically to any decision or process that was set upon by anyone.

In fiction, if you wander out into the forest, you are going to get lost. You are then going to be accosted by a little old lady, a wolf, or a band of cannibals, and several of your friends are probably going to die horribly. Unless you are the unfortunate one selected to be the friend, in which case, you are going to have a really interesting death sequence and set your friend upon a course of vengeance or flight. There are only a limited number of possibilities in the average fiction.

In reality, nothing may happen. You wander into the forest, you wander out. You might break your leg, or fall down something steep. You might get chased by a pack of wild dogs and end up in a tree. You might simply take some interesting photos. Possibly you could disappear for a ten year period then mysteriously turn up on the other side of the world -but this seems less likely.

Reality - unpredictable - illogical.

Stick with fiction.


  1. The reality that we call life is totally unpredictable and illogical; I agree 100%.

    Since our lives are like that, and I don't think most people thrive on unpredictability, we are drawn to fiction where there's a beginning, a middle and an end. We seek out fictional books for the comfort we gain from them.

    So my comment is basically worthless. I just repeated what your post expressed. How about that!

    Well, at least you know I was here and there's some comfort for you in that, I hope so anyway.


  2. Not silly at all, thanks for the comment. You're right that fiction is comforting because we know the predictable patterns and we know that somehow, eventually, it will all be resolved.