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20 June, 2009

Interesting Blogs on Writing

I love reading blogs. I never used to, but since I started keeping my own, and regularly following others, I have become addicted to the process. One of the first things I do is check google reader to see which blogs have been updated. As a result, I now learn hundreds of new things and see hundreds of great ideas every week.

Obviously this is not an all inclusive list but these are my most recent favourite posts:

A really great list of links can be found:
Some posts about writing and style:
Some specific thoughts on genre and story:
Interesting discussions about the use of pop-culture in writing:
Some fantastic advice for authors starting out:

These last aren't specifically about writing, but they are amusing reads.


  1. I didn't follow blogs until I started my own either. Now I, too, check my google reader fairly early in the day.

  2. I wish I had the time to read and learn from all of them.

    Thanks for the list.