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15 June, 2009


  1. a single raindrop
  2. a broken pencil
  3. an overflowing bin
  4. an obnoxious crow
  5. a door slamming in a sudden breeze
  6. a crowded room
  7. an empty room
  8. an old shoe
  9. new shoes that someone coloured in with yellow highlighters
  10. a blown light bulb
  11. a rumpled toy
  12. pink and purple clouds before a setting sun
  13. a traffic jam
  14. the open road
  15. grass bending over in the wind
  16. sunlight glinting off a broken window
  17. a tissue, falling over as it sticks out from the box
  18. peeling paintwork
  19. a new face
  20. a new name
  21. an old friend
  22. an empty mailbox
  23. a peculiar shadow
  24. an empty rack
  25. an overflowing drawer
  26. sudden pain (after slamming my finger in the drawer)
  27. a whistle
  28. a stain on the carpet
  29. water running into a pond
  30. steam lifting from a hot cup
  31. water falling into the sink
  32. a face reflected in the mirror
32 moments today that brought me inspiration. How many did you have?


  1. Good reminder to pay close attention to my surroundings. I'm taking my son and a friend to the pool for the morning, so who knows what I'll see there!


  2. Nice list. I can see it being used as a writing prompt.