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22 June, 2009

My Writing Journey and Twitter

I haven't done a recap on my writing journey recently, because surprisingly enough, I'm mostly too busy living it, and everything else to worry about it. Quick highlights include the ongoing editing process and improvement to most recent MS, the outline of new project, which after having crazy dream has now undergone radical changes, and of course finding and making time to write.

In addition to that I have continued to seek advice and friends. The advice just keeps coming along and one of my recent posts identified some of the more interesting information I've received in the last week or two from various blogs.

The other thing I have been doing is spending a lot of time on twitter. I really have become quite addicted to the social network. Not to the point where I put off other things because of twitter, but to the point where no matter what I am doing, if I'm online twitter is running in the background. A couple of reasons why:

  • As far as distractions, twitter is quick. You can read reply posts in a matter of seconds and respond instantly. It only takes a few seconds each time.
  • The range of people you can interact with is limitless. Which means the range of opinions and knowledge you can encounter are limitless assuming you are willing to listen.
  • People on there are amazingly helpful. Ask a question and watch the answers roll to your door or, at the very least, the suggested links to find the answer.
  • Absolutely nothing beats a good conversation and while the 140 characters might be limiting, it still doesn't halt the flow of conversation.
The journey continues.

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