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24 June, 2009

Webook Poetry Vote

After the last webook vote, and the angry protests from the many poets on the site, the webook administrators have put together a poetry only vote. Essentially poets put up their three best poems and ultimately 100 of these will be chosen for an anthology. Or something like that.

While I am not a poet, I have made many friends on the webook site who are, and I've read a lot of poetry on the site (most of it stuff that's been thrown up by teens but occasionally work that has had a lot of thought and effort put into it). Having perused the offerings I am putting up a list of projects well worth checking out (though there are far too many for me to read all of them and if you find another that is incredible, by all means let me know) and the vote opens on August 1.

  1. Beerman's Best - particularly Mediocrity
  2. Croft Misfits "A Small Vista Into My Inner Workings" - particularly Burning Peacefully
  3. Aubrie Anne's Poetry Vote - particularly Unnatural Forces
  4. Sixteen Page's "Three Pennies" - particularly the Language of Words
  5. Kaizar's "I got a Bike" - particularly Hats
  6. Satyr's "possible three subs" - particularly Death
  7. Amariel's "Three Bestest Poems" - particularly Goddess
  8. Koengland's "Death of a poet" - particularly
  9. Sunyata's "My Heart's Evil Twist" - particularly Blood On My Mattress
  10. "The Best I Wish To Submit" - particularly Dream Prisoner
  11. Tiger Princess' "Extract from Dreams" - Particularly Happiness Is...
  12. AustinMcDonald's "Lady In Red"
  13. CordeliaChase's "Jen's 3 Poems" - particularly When will everyone notice?
If you have anytime at all - you should check out these submissions as well as the others that are up. Plus, people can keep adding submissions until the end of July so they keep adding new work to read. If you find anything brilliant, let me know. I find reading the work of others very inspiring.

Have fun reading.

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