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07 June, 2009

The writing journey this week

Busy times - both in writing and in life - and I am really starting to feel it. Quick wrap up of some of the events from this week and a look into next week.

1. I have taken yet another step toward being a published writer (instead of a wanna-be published writer). Some more information on this coming soon (mostly as soon as I know for sure), so watch out world, I may yet be coming.

2. In keeping with big steps forward, I finally started to think about getting an actual website. At the moment I'm just playing with google sites but eventually I'll have to move and get serious. You can see the mess, as it progresses into a slightly bigger mess, at http://sites.google.com/site/cassandrajadehome/. The background image is definitely a work in progress, and I'm getting there. You know, Rome wasn't built in a day. Of course, it was a vast empire and involved thousands of people, and not a tiny website.

3. David Eddings, a fantasy writer who inspired me through high school and is probably the reason I stuck with fantasy, rather than moving to mysteries or thrillers, has passed away. This was really sad news for me, and probably hundreds of other fantasy readers. I started reading Eddings at twelve and, unlike Tolkien, I loved it. His use of humour and incredibly interesting and dynamic characters captured me entirely. It was a time when I was really looking to move beyond YA fiction and move into more adult books and I think he had a massive impact on the type of writer I am trying to become. I would never try to emulate, but having read his books over and over again, I think a lot of his words have rubbed off on me over time. I'll be rereading my Eddings collection over the next couple of weeks to remember a fantastic writer.

4. Coming this week: Guest blog with Lawrence Johnson (author of Escape 2 Earth and you should check out his website because it is fantastic) , as he shares practical and realistic advice on book promotions. Definitely worth checking out on Wednesday.

It has been a full-on week and the next couple of weeks are looking every bit as packed. Definitely facing interesting times and hoping to keep them going.

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