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08 July, 2009

Back from holidays

Very simple note to say I have returned and will be back into blogging from tomorrow (I would write an actual post now except I drove for nearly seven hours today and have since read about three hundred emails and am very much finished for today).

I did have some time to consider the direction of the blog while I was on holidays and I think what I was missing before - among other things - was some sort of cohesive order to the posts. In order to remedy this - slightly - I am going to start writing around a themes for a couple of posts in a row.

So, and I know you are all tensed with excitement - the first theme I am going to be writing on is... (this is where the imaginary drum roll goes)... CHARACTERS!

Now wasn't that worth the wait? (I know tone does not translate well on the internet, so this was me being sarcastic, a by-product of being tired).

Seriously though, it should be a good series of posts and I look forward to reading everybody's comments. Basic idea of the series, I'll begin by looking at protagonists, move to villains and then various other archetypes.

Finally, before I sign off and go to catch up on sleep, if you want to see a handful of pictures of my holiday to central Queensland, please visit my facebook profile (badge is down and to the right). I hope everybody has had a good week and a bit.


  1. Was it a good trip? The series idea sounds great. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. It was a great holiday. Tiring though. Caught up with family and friends and got away from the busy city, cleared my head (also discovered that without internet I go slightly crazy).