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17 July, 2009

Character - Discussion

We have come to Friday and while I did not begin the series on a Friday or at any particular point in time, it feels appropriate to end at the end of the week and begin a new series next week and so I am wrapping up my posts on character.

I'm really glad I did this series because I have had such an incredible learning experience. While I've been sharing my thoughts I have been receiving comments, I've been asking questions on twitter, I've been exploring other blogs, and the amount that I've learned and gained has been incredible. I can only hope that some of my readers have gained even a little bit from this.

To finish off I would like to recap some of the major points from the series as well as add in some of the points I've gained from discussions (both online and off).

  • Characters are really important to the story - in fact for many readers the characters can make or break the story.
  • Writers get very attached to their characters but they shouldn't let their attachment get in the way of moving the plot forward (sometimes bad things happen to good characters).
  • A good protagonist can hook the reader and really distinguish your story.
  • Antagonists are essential as far as plot development and human drama.
  • Ensemble casts are an interesting case and somewhat more difficult to write well but for a good writer there is a lot of potential.
  • Believable characters take time to develop and it is the small details that make them realistic.
  • As much as the writer loves the character they have created and the back story they have lovingly crafted, almost nobody loves an info-dump at the beginning of a story.
I'd love to hear any final thoughts on character, or even ideas for information you would like on character for another series. Over the weekend I'll be looking at some of my favourite characters and next week I'll be looking at... (once more we pause for a very comical drum roll)... PLOT.

Looking forward to it.

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