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22 July, 2009

Writing Links #2

Last week I did a wrap up of all the links I found on Thursday, then decided I'd like to add one every week and that Wednesday was a better day. Until I change my mind again or my computer breaks down.

There are quite a few links this week and I'm going to try to put them into some sort of order but that may not work. As always, feel free to add more links in the comments or to let me know if you've found a good site for writing discussion or advice. I'm always looking for new ones.


Joe Konrath - How Not to Write A Story
Greg - How to Write - Structure
Ajibade Oluwaseun - Writing A Short Story

Inspiration and Motivation

Jodi Cleghorn - Why Write
Jane - Turn Your Dragons Into Princess'
Blair - Sink Your Teeth Into A New Project
Nick Leshi - How to Beat Writer's Block (Response to previous post on Darkened Jade)
Elizabeth Gilber - Nurturing Creativity (Well worth watching)

Writing As Business

John Green - Advance vs Royalties
Hope Clark - Writer = Entrepreneur


K.M.Weiland - Making Cliche's Work For You
Jean Henry Mead - How To Repair a Manuscript
Nathan Bransford - 5 Stages of Querying Grief
Jane - 5 Elements of a Query Letter
Elizabeth Spann Craig - Book Length
Melissa Donovan - Daily Writing Equals Better Writing

Off Topic But Fun

Daybreaker Trailer

This week (an next) I am exploring plot. So far I've talked about structure and complications, tomorrow I'll be looking at hooks (assuming my Internet is still functioning).

You know, I think the best thing about doing this list is I revisit all the great blogs I've found during the week, something I usually don't get around to doing.

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